Midas Event Supply


A leader in the party and event supply industry, Midas has a unique approach in that they went into partnership with factories in foreign countries that promised a commitment to U.S. standards of quality. They have worked onsite overseas to upgrade equipment, production processes and quality control in those factories. As a result, over the past 10 years sales have increased an average of 25% per year.


Idextrus was approached in 2010 to put together a proposal for building an e-commerce site for Midas Event Supply that would replace their existing Netsuite system. They had specific requirements that their current system couldn't accommodate including being multi-lingual (English and Chinese). From proposal to development, Idextrus developed a highly customized system enabling real-time transactions while interfacing with a third-party freight calculation application. The result is that Midas has increased sales and awareness via an easy to use and powerful e-commerce application developed by Idextrus.

Words of praise from Midas Event Supply

If the name of the game is customer service and website uptime then Idextrus is the place to go.

Chris Bruce and Idextrus staff were instrumental in the seamless onboarding of our website in 2010. We had to transition our site, at the time, from a store site integrated with our accounting system and hosted with a third party to a newly branded external site with hosting provided by Idextrus. The challenge was significant as we demanded various third party APIs (with freight calculation and optioning) to be integrated with our site store.

Chris and Idextrus pulled it off. Any issues that arose during the intervening years, even if it was more associated to a third party vendor, were resolved quickly and successfully. All in all, job well done! We have no hesitation to recommend Chris & his Idextrus staff, for all of your site development requirements.

Esther Williams, General Manager
Midas Event Supply

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