Ontario Business Educator's Association


The Ontario Business Educators' Association was established in 1895 with a mission to contribute to the professional growth of business educators and to respond to needs expressed by members. They work with the Ontario Ministry of Education to develop business studies courses and guidelines and many of our members are textbook and curriculum writers.


Idextrus was first approached by OBEA back in 2005 to build a front end registration system for their spring and fall conferences as well as a back office administration system that would allow them to manage members and conferences. Development has continued to this day with the addition of real-time payments through the Moneris payment gateway.

In 2009 Idextrus was tasked with building an online accounting contest system to be used once a year for grade 11 and 12 high school students in Ontario. Teachers who are OBEA members as able to secure slots for their students based on a set criteria. The system automatically generates all login credentials and on the day of the writing, up to 2000 students login over a three hour period to complete the 100 question test. Idextrus built a very "thin-client" architecture for this system to avoid database and server connection issues while ensuring that each student gets the questions in a different order to prevent any plagiarism. Once the test is complete OBEA administrators use a module in the back office administration system to calculate results and determine winners based on tie-breaking criteria. The system has been a huge success year after year.

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