Custom Application Development

Perhaps you have a requirement for a business tool that goes beyond just having a marketing web site? Maybe you have an idea for a web based application that will become your main business? Or could it be that you currently operate your business with many disparate parts that you would like to amalgamate into a succinct web based application.

Whatever your requirement, we excel at problem solving and in developing smart web-based custom solutions that fit your specifications to a T.

Some examples of custom applications that Idextrus has developed:

  • client-server based tax refund application that allowed for real-time tax refunds for tourists coming to Canada. Client application was installed on PCs at kiosks across Canada and securely connected in real time to remote application and database servers for processing and reporting purposes.
  • online contest system for students across Ontario to write a multiple choice accounting contest. Back office admin provided all the tools to administer the contest including contest creation, bulk question/answer input, results generation and more. Front end application built to greatly minimize server/database load via cached pages and Ajax server calls. Question pages scrambled on load to ensure that students have unique pages thereby reducing the possibility of cheating
  • online Photo/Illustration contest system for CAPIC that allows for members and non-members to register, pay for their entries, upload and annotate their images based on discipline, categories and award levels. Back end admin provides modules to add and edit contest, set up disciplines, categories and award levels, add judges, complete online judging system, tally contest results and much, much more.
  • interactive product design and submission system for Gunther Mele that allows customers to design their own bags and jewellery boxes by specifying color, uploading logos, adding text to multiple sides of the product. Designs are then submitted and quoted on via the back office admin module.

These are just a few samples of custom applications that the team at Idextrus has developed. If you have an idea and/or a need for custom application development, please call Idextrus at 905-828-9189.