flexAdmin is a simple to use and extensible back-office content management system (CMS) that not only drives your front-end web site, but also helps with search engine optimization (SEO), managing your business and marketing efforts.

The 'flex' in flexAdmin means that this is not your ordinary CMS system. It is extremely flexible and customizable. flexAdmin comes with a base set of modules, but there are countless other modules that can be plugged in and customized to your exact specifications.

Say you want to manage customer relationships. We can add a custom module, built to your exact requirements that will provide the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that you are after.

How about managing your product database? No problem, we can build a custom flexAdmin module to house all details of your inventory including as many category levels as required. We can also build scripts that will automatically build all your web site pages based upon your products - all SEO friendly!!

Highlighted Features

  • dynamic page creation for both top level site sections and sub level pages
  • unlimited custom templates provide unparalleled flexibility
  • integrated WYSIWYG text editor makes it drop-dead easy to style and format your content
  • integrated file manager system allows for complete management of images, PDF, video files
  • YouTube plug-in makes is simple to embed videos directly from YouTube into your pages
  • multi-level tiered access allows you to give various levels of access to site administrators
  • page content is generated as standards based HTML5/CSS for accessibility and bandwidth savings

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