The MailYourMarket equation (upload list + create email + send + view results) = simple!

This shouldn't be scary stuff, and we make sure that it isn't!

Why use email for marketing purposes?

Email direct marketing is very inexpensive (1.25 - 2 cents per email sent), has high open rates (40-60%), and high click-through (response) rates (5-15%).

By contrast, direct marketing using traditional methods is expensive, has low response rates (1-3%), and lacks the ability to track results. It is virtually impossible to know which customers looked at your mailing.

Email marketing is environmentally friendly!

Yes it is! By electronically mailing out your corporate newsletter, special event invitations, or whatever it is that you need to get out there, you are showing your audience that you care enough about our environment to forgo using paper and ink. And in today's day and age, that just makes sense!

MailYourMarket is being used successfully by countless clients for their email marketing initiatives. To get more information on MailYourMarket, visit the MailYourMarket site at to sign up for free or call us now at 905-828-9189 and we'll be happy to help.