Web Site Development

Tell us what you're after. We'd love to help! We have helped countless clients define a solid web presence that reinforces their brand, provides products and/or services to their customers and makes their business run smoother and more profitably.

Employing Responsive Web Design (RWD), all sites developed by Idextrus are built "mobile first". This means that your site will adapt to the device on which it is viewed. Gone are the days of having to develop separate sites for desktop and mobile. This means more flexibility and cost savings in the long run! And who doesn't like to save a buck or two?

Idextrus has many years of experience in developing web sites and web design. We have a proven methodology that ensures a struggle-free experience from start to finish. 

Anatomy of a web site development project

  • Discovery - this is where we look at your requirements and learn more about your business
  • Proposal - based on initial discussions and information gleaned from the Discovery process, we put together and deliver a proposal. The proposal includes suggested functionality and sets a cost range
  • Blueprint - when the proposal is accepted, we work together with people on your team to build out a detailed development blueprint. This blueprint includes wireframes, logic flow charts, database table design (if required), sample templates and more. This is basically what the final project will look like, but on paper as opposed to on the web. A final cost is included in the blueprint.
  • Development - upon sign off on the Blueprint, we commence development, following the specs outlined in the blueprint.
  • Testing - we are constantly testing the site during the development phase, but once the first version of the site is ready, we involved the client in a beta testing phase designed to root out any bugs.
  • Launch - once all testing is complete and the site is deemed bug-free, the site is launched
  • Post launch - we alert the search engines and usually suggest that you send out one or more of an email announcement, press release, Twitter blast, blog post etc.